Twilight of the Reich Preview

An Upcoming Late-War Themed Module From MMP

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The upcoming MMP ASL offering Twilight of the Reich is a “themed” boxed module that will go on pre-order in 2023. It’s not HASL, nor is it considered to be a core module. Instead think of it as an Action Pack on steroids, large enough to require its own box, but not possessing historically detailed and accurate maps to be considered HASL.

Update: Unboxing video now available. Click here to check it out!

The theme of the module will be late-war urban fighting in Berlin, Czechoslovakia, Budapest etc, between the retreating Germans and various other nationalities.

ASL Twilight of the Reich Box Front
Box Front
ASL Twilight of the Reich Box Rear
Box Rear

The module is designed by Bill Cirillo (designer of the historical module Festung Budapest), Sean Deller, with maps by Charlie Kibler.


  • 2 counter sheets
    • German SS OB (non-black counters)
    • Late war German Volksgrenadier formations
    • Soviet NKVD
  • Four 11″ x 16″ ASL boards
    • Double-sided “Fortenberry style”
    • Boards 16a/b, 17a/b, 18a/b, 19a/b
  • 17 scenarios, mostly large, urban combat
    • 15 of them focus on the Allied advance deep into Germany in 1944, to the final battles in Berlin
    • 2 early war scenarios focusing on Soviet NKVD
  • 48 overlays!!
    • Primarily large railroad overlays
    • Large graveyard overlays
  • Replacement rules pages for Chapters A & B with the added rules
    • New debris and rail car rules
    • TotR Special Rules

Below you’ll find some images of various scenarios and boards in the playtest stage.

GET TO THE CHOPPA…!!! Get To The Choppa...!!!

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  1. What is with you people and your obsion with ‘black SS counters’? This issue should have been forgotten decades ago, but people like you keep bringing it back up.

    • I bring it up because there are some people who would not buy it if black SS counters were in it. No, I’m not kidding. So I’m just passing on the info as they say. I don’t care either way.



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