The newly published ASL Pocket Bundle contains three (3) products:

  • the most recent version of the Advanced Squad Leader rules
    • includes all errata
    • now includes Chapters K and W
  • complete Chapter H vehicle and ordnance notes
  • complete set of all the ASL  reference charts

With this bundle you’ll have everything you need to start playing ASL … aside from Beyond Valor.

ASL Pocket Bundle Unboxing

If I were to hazard a guess, between this new Pocket Bundle and the availability of the electronic version of the ASL Rulebook, we’ll never see the large and overly clunky three ring binder rulebook printed again. Doing this would mean that they would not have to include updated rules sections and vehicle/ordnance notes in future module reprints. Or course, I could be wrong, but I haven’t touched my three ring binder rulebook in years.

As errata are folded into the print version of the rulebook, small portions of it go slightly out of date. That’s why I recommend also having a copy of the eASLRB. If purchased you get free updates, ensuring you always have the most up to date Advanced Squad Leader rulebook!

You can order the ASL Pocket Bundle here. (these items can also be purchased individually)


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