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ASL-Players.net is a site dedicated to the World War 2 tactical simulation wargame Advanced Squad Leader (ASL). Here you’ll find videos to assist ASL players of all levels! AARs, VASL lessons, product overviews, and Boot Camp rules tutorials.

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Advanced Squad Leader Briefings

The Green Hell of Inor Unboxing
Unboxing Video by: Neal Ulen The Green Hell of Inor is LFT’s attempt at bringing 2 weeks of epic fighting that took place in the Ardennes Forest during the very first days of Fall Gelb, the invasion ...
ASL Starter Kit Bonus Pack #2 Unpacking
Unpacking Video by: Neal Ulen Advanced Squad Leader Starter Kit Bonus Pack #2 is a new scenario and map pack for Starter Kit players. This Bonus Pack features two new 8″ x 22″ boards (i and j) and ...
ASL AAR: Knock Them Down! (StW-4)
AAR by: Neal Ulen & Scott Rowland Advanced Squad Leader AAR: Knock Them Down! (StW-4) Here’s the historical situation: Date: July 11, 1944 Location: Colombelles, France Attacker: British ...
ASL AAR: HILL 253.5 (132)
AAR by: Joey Sabin Advanced Squad Leader AAR: Hill 235.5 (132) Here’s the historical situation: Date: July 9, 1943 Location: Near Ponyri, Russia Attacker: German (Panzer Division 18 andä ...
ASL AAR: Aiding the Local Constabulary (J164)
AAR by: Neal Ulen, Scott Rowland & Stephen Stewart Aiding the Local Constabulary (J164) Here’s the historical situation: Date: March 29, 1941 Location: Dire Dawa, Ethiopia (Abyssinia) ...
Announcement by: Neal Ulen Third party publisher Advancing Fire has just put their Kursk ASL module, PROKHOROVKA!, up for pre-order. We will have an unboxing video as soon as it is available ...
Hill 621: The Movie
Article, Video & 3D Boards by: Bruno Vazquez My long time project in ASL was to create a full 3D version, both maps and miniatures, that was fully playable and compatible with the original game. ...
ASL AAR: Cat's Kill (G21)
AAR by: Michael Rodgers Advanced Squad Leader AAR: Cat’s Kill (G21) Here’s the historical situation: Date: June 8, 1944 (D-Day +2) Location: Bretteville L’Orgueilleuse, France ...
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