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WO Bonus Pack #14 Unwrapping

WO Bonus Pack #14 contains 3 scenarios and ASL boards 89 & 90.

Long Play: Reckless Raid (PK2)

German Special Forces attack Romanian airfields after a coup and defection to the Allies, and attempt to destroy the gliders they'd supplied the Romanians earlier in the war. Watch the Germans strike the Airfield and see how the Romanians respond!

ASL AAR: Rocket’s Red Glare (195)

Colonel Reuben Tucker personally appealed to General Gavin to allow his 504th Regiment to attack Cheneux. Friendly civilians had reported a large column of German vehicles, including tanks, encamped there.

Long Play – OzB1 Vines of Red Marines

Soviet forces landed along the west side of the Ozerekya Bay. While advancing towards Glebovka, they came across a Romanian mortar position in the vineyard of an old manor.

ASL Map Spotlight: Edson’s Ridge

Edson's Ridge The Battle of Edson's Ridge was a land battle of the Pacific campaign of World War II between Imperial Japanese Army and Allied (mainly United States Marine Corps) ground forces on Guadalcanal.

The War Room: Skirmish in the Snow (OA2)

The Russians are pressing forward when Sgt. Albert Pfluger is set upon by three T34s bearing down on his men's position and his assigned 75mm gun. To top it off his men are suffering from an ammunition shortage ... the cold day just became a bit more frigid!

ASL Map Spotlight: Purple Heart Draw

Purple Heart Draw, as it was called, ran for 750 yards east to west along the battalion front, only 200 to 400 yards from the line of departure. It was deep enough to be almost impassable for tanks, and so well covered by enemy fires as to promise heavy losses for infantry who tried to cross.

The War Room: The End of Their Rope (S68)

In this War Room we go over in-depth gameplay of The End of Their Rope (S68) showing the why and how of ASLSK PTO gameplay.