Advanced Squad Leader AAR – Point of the Sword (102)

Here’s the historical situation:

Attacker: British / Canadian (Leicester’s 4th Brigade Commandos / Régiment de la Chaudiere)
Defender: German (Bataillon II, Panzer Division 21)

The Allied landings at Normandy were quickly followed by advances into the villages that lined the coast. A detachment of the 4th Brigade Commandos pushed into the sleepy village of Langrune-sur-Mer from Sword Beach and met stiff resistance from the veterans of the 21st Panzer Division. The commandos radioed for assistance from a French-Canadian unit to the west. With help on the way, the commandos pressed the attack. . .


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N. Ulen & S. Rowland
Neal & Scott are just two dudes who have known each other since junior high school. We fumble our way through scenarios and make fun of ourselves doing video AARs of our ASL games. Almost all of our games are played on VASL.



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