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The content posted on is a result of the lifelong passion The Team has for Squad Leader and Advanced Squad Leader. We welcome contributors / collaborators, and if you become a regular your name too will be listed with the skulkers below! See the link in the Info section of the menu above.

Neal is a retired engineer/researcher who first played Squad Leader back in the late '70s. While getting re-acquainted with ASL after retiring, he took it as an opportunity to create VASL, Boot Camp, and AAR tutorials to help new and returning players. His first wargame was Steve Jackson's G.E.V.. He lurks in the PWN.

Neal Ulen

Webmaster / Editor / Contributor

Scott has been playing wargames since he was a teen ... and not just ASL. His second favorite system in the Battalion Combat System. He's knowledgeable in WW2 history and brings it with him to the table every time he plays. When not playing ASL he also dabbles in model making. He works in housing construction and lives in Idaho.

Scott Rowland


Stew is the long time creator behind "VASLing with Stew" and organizer of "Tactical Tuesdays" which acts as an online interactive forum for new (and veteran) ASL players to discuss rules and tactics. Stewie!

Stephen 'Stew' Stewart


Neal & Scott are just two dudes who have known each other since junior high school. They team up and fumble their way through scenarios then make fun of themselves doing video AARs. Almost all of their games are played on VASL. They both think the VASL dicebot is the devil incarnate.

Neal & Scott

AAR Contributors