Advanced Squad Leader .VMOD Files

A few VASL mods/extensions created by

  Download Neal’s VASL Charts v1.7

Example Images:

Neal's VASL Charts - IFT

Neal's VASL Charts - CC

Neal's VASL Charts - AFVs

More informative VASL charts. You can always find the most up-to-date version on this page.
(v1.7 uploaded December 11, 2022).
Instructions: Simply download the .vmdx file and place it in your “extensions” folder wherever you have VASL installed. If you don’t have an extensions folder, just create one under your VASL folder called “extensions” and then configure the location of that folder within VASL Preferences. Very easy. The new charts will show up as a separate tab next to the default QRDC charts the next time you launch VASL. Charts currently include:

  • IFT
    • IFT
    • IIFT
  • CC with ratio calculator chart
  • To Hit
  • To Kill
    • Vehicle/Gun Destruction Tables
  • Misc
    • TOC – Table of Contents for Misc Tabs
    • Inf1 – SW capability/HOB/Leader creation
    • Inf2 – MF/PP Ref/Sniper/Searching
    • Inf3 – Step Reduction/Sewers/Concealment
    • Inf4 – Panzerfausts
    • Inf5 – Molotovs/ATMM
    • Gun1 – Manhandling/HE Equiv/Destruction
    • Gun2 – Critical Hits
    • Veh1 – AFV FP mods/ROF/ESB/DC placement/Acq. loss
    • Veh2 – Bog Check/Removal/HD Maneuver/ Non-Terrain MP
    • Veh3 – Aerosan Movement Chart
    • Env1 – Flame/Rubble Table
    • Env2 – Entrenching/Clearance/Wind
    • Env3 – Kindling/Blaze/ECs
    • Env4 – SMOKE Summary
  • Terrain
    • ETO Terrain
    • PTO Terrain
    • DTO Terrain
  • AFV Reference Sheet
  • Phase References
  • LOS Aid
  • Advanced Sequence of Play (ASOP)
  • About – Version, update information, links
  Stew’s VASL 6.6.7 Stew’s version of VASL includes the default build, plus the following:

  • “Bad Things” vehicle flags
  • Refined Turrets
  • Unobstructed wreck depictions
  • Unobstructed glider wreck
  • Less intrusive nationality control markers
  • White vehicle counters with minimal obstructions
  • Fortification clarity (mines, wire, roadblock)

Instructions: Simply download the .vmod file and install it like you would install the normal VASL module. This will include a separate VASL module listing in launch window of VASSAL.

  Neal’s VCA Mod 6.6.2 OBSOLETE! This has been included in the official VASL build as of v6.6.3.