Advanced Squad Leader VASL Boards

Here a list of VASL boards that may not be available for automatic download or not be available on the website. Just download the zip file and extract the board file(s) to your VASL board folder, and any extensions (.mdx files) to your extensions folder. Some of these maps can be found on the publisher’s websites, but are archived here for posterity.

Note: Some of these board files are old and there’s no guarantee they will be fully functional using the most current VASL module version. I have a large backlog of board files that will be added sporadically. If you’re looking for something specific not listed yet, contact me.

Batisse’s 3D VASL Maps
  Link to his site holding many VASL setups using his 3D custom maps.
Advancing Fire
      Biazza Ridge Module
  Abbio Priolo
  Biazza Ridge
  Gela Farello
  Piano Lupo
  Ponte Dirillo
  Counters Extension
      Brevity Assault Module
  Operational Gameplay Map
  Halfaya North
  Halfaya South
  Operational Counters Extension
  Overlays Extension
      Prokhorovka! Module
  Prokhorovka! Map 1 (Tank Fields of Prokhorovka)
  Prokhorovka! Map 2 (Tank Fields of Prokhorovka)
  Prokhorovka! Map 3 (Tank Fields of Prokhorovka)
  Prokhorovka! Map 4 (Tank Fields of Prokhorovka)
  Prokhorovka! Map 5 (Tank Fields of Prokhorovka)
  Prokhorovka! Map A (Andreevka)
  Prokhorovka! Map S (Storozhevoje)
  Prokhorovka! Map Y (Yamki)
  Counters Extension
Bounding Fire Productions
  Corregidor: The Rock
  Operation Neptune & Counters
  More coming Soon …
Critical Hit
  Across the Aller I & II (with counters extension)
  Action at Carentan!
  Afrika Korps 1 & 2 (with overlay and counters extension)
  All American: Shanley’s Hill / Behind Utah Beach
  Arnhem: The Third Bridge / Third Bridge
  Band of Brothers / Drop Zone Normandy
  Bandenkrieg / Partisan Rev. / Op. Lens Nord / Cruel Bandits (with counters extension & winter map)
  Bataan / Mabatang Line (with counters extension)
  Blood and Iron / Okinawa (with caves extension)
  Boards AA-DD
  Boards 1-41: Hedgerow
  Carnage At Cassino / Gustav Graveyard
  Dzerhezinsky Tractor Works / Tractor Works / To the Volga 1 (includes winter board)
  Hüertgen Hell & Objective Schmidt (combined, with counters extension)
  Hüertgen Surprise/Brécourt Manor + Strass
  Kaunas Offensive
  Kellam’s Bridge / Airborne Stand / Kellam’s Bridge II / All American I
  Kharkov: Battle for the Square / Backhand Blow ’43 (with counters extension)
  King Red Sector, Gold Beach, D-Day Normandy June ’44
  King Red/Green Sectors, Gold Beach, D-Day Normandy June ’44
  Kursk: Hell on Earth I & II / Ponyri / Devil’s Domain
  LZ X-Ray: Ia Drang (Vietnam)
  Maxim Gorki: Siege of Savastopol (with counters extension)
  Nordic Twilight / Low Vosges Nightmare
  Omaha East (with counters extension & .vsav)
  Omaha West (with counters extension & .vsav)
  Omaha East & West Combined (combined, with counters extension & .vsav)
  Operation Deadsick (with counters extension)
  Ordeal Before Shuri
  Peleliu: White Beach One/ Peleliu: Corner of Hell (with counters extension)
  Port en Bessin (with counters extension)
  Roman Glory / Roman Glory II
  Spanish Fury / Spanish Blue Division (with counters extension)
  Sturmgruppe Eisen
  Stutzpunk Vierville
  Tarawa (with counters extension)
  Timmes’ Orchard / Timmes’ Orchard II / All American II
  Tyrant’s Lair / Berlin: Führer’s Bunker & Führer’s End / Berlin II (with counters extension)
  To the Volga 2: Mamayev Kurgan (includes winter map)
  Wake: Pacific Alamo (with counters extension)
  Vroenhoven / Facing the Blitz / Sturmgruppe Beton
  Witches Cauldron / Brave But Doomed / Tiger Route
Lone Canuck Publishing
  Breaking Heartstrings (Parry Island)
  More coming Soon …