Advanced Squad Leader Files

Advanced Squad Leader Play Aids

= Recommended ASL play aid.

  8 Steps to ASLJim Stahler’s original General article to learn ASL.
  Infantry Fire Table (IFT)A big, bold easy-to-read Infantry Fire Table. That’s all.
  Close Combat Table (CCT)A new CC table with a handy ratio calculation table.
  Old School IFT/TH/TK TablesInfantry Fire Table, TH Tables, and TK Tables.
  Incremental Fire Table (IIFT)If you’re into that kind of thing. 😁
  AFV Cheat Sheet v1.3A one-page AFV informational cheat sheet.
  Air Support Play AidA summary of how to use air support.
  Area vs. Infantry Target TypePlay aid for different target types.
  ASL Examples of Play118 pages of ASL example play.
  ASL AcronymsList of all the acronyms used in ASL.
  Basic 2d6 Probability PrimerUnderstanding basic dice probability is necessary in ASL.
  Big Black Book of ASL SleazeAll the ASL tricks you are afraid to ask about.
  Blind Hex Calculator AidAn aid to help calculate blind hexes caused by obstructions.
  Bocage Play AidHow to deal with those pesky bocage in France.
  Breakdown Numbers SummaryA summary of SW and AFV breakdown numbers.
  Breakdown Numbers ModifiersA summary of reakdown number modifiers.
  Chapter B Terrain AlphabeticalETO terrain chart listed in alphabetical order.
  Chapter F Terrain AlphabeticalDTO terrain chart listed in alphabetical order.
  Chapter G Terrain AlphabeticalPTO terrain chart listed in alphabetical order.
  Cheat Sheet – CC vs. VehiclesA quick reference for ASL vehicle CC rules.
  Cheat Sheet – Demolition ChargesA quick reference for ASL DC usage.
  Cheat Sheet – Flame/BlazeA quick reference for ASL Flame/Blaze rules.
  Cheat Sheet – HalftracksA quick reference for ASL halftrack rules.
  Cheat Sheet – Light Anti-Tank WeaponsA quick reference for ASL LATW usage.
  Cheat Sheet – Night RulesA quick reference for ASL night rules.
  Cheat Sheet – MortarsA quick reference for ASL mortar usage.
  Cheat Sheet – SlopesA quick reference for ASL slope rules.
  Cheat Sheet – TanksA quick reference for ASL AFV rules.
  Clearing Obstacles Play AidA table summarizing how to clear certain types of obstacles
  Close Combat Odds RatiosA table to quickly calculate CC odds.
  Collateral Attacks FlowchartDemystifying collateral attacks against units.
  Counter Reference SheetA one page counter symbol reference sheet.
  Covered Arc Summary AidCovered arc summary aid.
  Defensive Fire FlowchartBoils down the complexities of Defensive Fire to a single chart.
  Japanese Step Reduction AidA step reduction guide for Japanese units.
  Morale DR ResultsA summary of morale check DR results for infantry units.
  Ordnance/Vehicle TH ModifiersQuick reference tables of TH modifiers for ordnance/vehicles.
  Perry Sez Q&A v29A compilation of ASL Q&A from Perry Cocke.
  Ponderous Book of ASL Play AidsNearly 100 pages of various ASL flotsam and jetsam.
  Ponderous Book of ASL Play Aids 2Another 40 pages of various ASL flotsam and jetsam.
  Rally & MC FlowchartEvents that can happen during a rally or MC.
  Roster for DYOA purchase roster table for DYO scenarios.
  Roster for SASLA campaign roster table for SASL scenarios.
  Routing FlowchartA flowchart to work through the intricacies of routing.
  Routing TutorialA step by step tutorial on how to route, with examples.
  Rules SummaryA summary of the important core rules in ASL.
  Scenario Aid CardA card to help track important info during a game.
  SOP/Phases Quick ReferenceVery handy compilation of ASL phases & events.
  SOP NightA night sequence of play for ASL.
  SOP One PagerA one page sequence of play for ASL.
  SOP Verbose #1A verbose advanced sequence of play for ASL.
  SOP Verbose #2A verbose advanced sequence of play for ASL.
  Target Acquisition AidA table differentiating VTT, ATT, ITT.
  Thirteen Steps to Better ASLA concise list of ideas on how to improve your overall ASL game.


     Jeff Stahler’s ASL Programmed Instruction Tutorials
  Programmed Instruction #1Lesson 1: The Basic Infantry System.
  Programmed Instruction #2Lesson 2: The Advanced Infantry System.
  Programmed Instruction #3Lesson 3: The Special Infantry System & Terrain Rules.
  Programmed Instruction #4Lesson 4: The Offboard Artillery System.
  Programmed Instruction #5Lesson 5: The Basic Ordnance System.
  Programmed Instruction #6Lesson 6: The Advanced Ordnance System.
  Programmed Instruction #7Lesson 7: The Basic Vehicle System.
  Programmed Instruction #8Lesson 8: The Advanced Vehicle System.
  Programmed Instruction #XLesson X: More To Come.
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