Stew introduces a new tournament format that allows players to have challenging games against equally matched opponents. The tournament will be 100% communicated on his ASLSKills Discord Server in the WARR BATTLES section. Here’s the server address:


  • Learn ASL/ASLSK through meaningful competition
  • Build confidence in newly learned rules and tactical skills
  • Avoid the constant losses vs players outside your skill set
  • See actual growth and enjoyment in your active participation
  • Build ASL sportsmanship through supportive, competitive play.

Tactical Tuesday will review any games the participants would like to have reviewed during the lulls of the WARR.


  • 5+ Rounds of Competitive ASL play
  • Players are matched by ASLPR system
  • Limited to play only opponents with 75 points of your ASLPR
  • Monthly updates of your rating will apply to keep you with your peers as you progress through the WARR
  • Rating rungs will be applicable on a month by month basis
  • First player(s) to win 5 games, wins

Stew goes into more detail in the attached video.


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Stephen 'Stew' Stewart
Stew is the long time creator behind "VASLing with Stew" and organizer of "Tactical Tuesdays" which acts as an online interactive forum for new (and old) ASL players to discuss rules and tactics.


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