VASL101 - Lesson 11 - Connecting to the Server

VASL101 – Lesson 11 – Connecting to the Server

Advanced Squad Leader VASL Lesson.

VASL101 – Lesson 11 – Connecting to the Server: The final VASL 101 basic course lesson! This is a simple one. You’ve “mastered” all the basic aspects of VASL, from installing the engine and module, all the way to setting up a scenario. Now it’s time to play! This lesson is easy. I show you how to set up and connect to the VASL server, create rooms, join rooms, lock rooms, send messages, and how to disconnect when you’re done. I also sprinkle in a few thoughts on VASL etiquette when entering someone else’s game in progress.

1) Java –

2) The Vassal Engine –

3) The VASL module –

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