Advanced Squad Leader VASL Lesson.

Lesson 06: Transforming terrain. Let’s make our playing area look more like the scenario it represents. In this VASL 101 lesson I show you how to transform terrain on your boards into PTO terrain specifically for The Eastern Gate example scenario. Then I spend some time demonstrating some of the other transformation capabilities that VASL has.

1) Java –

2) The Vassal Engine –

3) The VASL module –

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  1. FYI I placed the terrain overlays using the technique in lesson 5a. That meant that the terrain transformations did not work on the overlays

    • Some of the overlays allow transformation, some don’t. For example, if you right click on a selected orchard overlay, you can transform it to PTO palm trees. Etc. It’s a bit hit and miss. Overlays in general screw up boards, like breaking some of the LOS functionality as well.



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