VASL101 - Lesson 03 - Starting Your First Scenario

VASL101 – Lesson 03 – Starting Your First Scenario

Advanced Squad Leader VASL Lesson.

Lesson 03: Starting your first scenario. I’ve chosen a specific scenario and will step you through several lessons on how to go from scenario sheet to a complete VASL setup for that scenario.

1) Java –

2) The Vassal Engine –

3) The VASL module –

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  1. cool stuff you have here. your videos really helped me get started with vasl. question, where do I down load The Eastern Gate scenario? it would be great to be able to follow along with your instruction with the game running on my computer. thanks, keep it up

    1. The Eastern Gate scenario I use is from the ASL module Rising Sun. Unfortunately it’s not available for download anywhere. You should be able to take a screen shot(s) from the video to see what’s in the scenario though, to make it easier to follow along.

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