Advanced Squad Leader VASL Lesson

Lesson 01: How to download and install everything needed to use VASL (Virtual Advanced Squad Leader).

One thing I forgot to mention in my video is how to check if you already have Java installed:

1) Hit the Windows key on your keyboard.
2) Type “cmd” and hit Enter to bring up the Command Prompt window.
3) Type “java -version” and hit Enter. If you see Java version info displayed you already have Java installed.
4) Type “exit” and hit Enter to exit the Command Prompt window.

Update: Make sure you read VASL module dependency with VASSAL version before doing any updating. Dependency information is always posted in the VASL downloads section at

Note: This is a Window specific installation lesson.

VASL is an Advanced Squad Leader module for the popular VASSAL board game engine.

1) Java –

2) The Vassal Engine –

3) The VASL module –


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Neal Ulen
Neal is a retired engineer/researcher who first played Squad Leader back in the late '70s. While getting re-acquainted with ASL after retiring, he took it as an opportunity to create VASL, Boot Camp, and AAR tutorials to help new and returning players. He lurks in the PWN.


  1. Apparently you do not need to install JAVA any more when installing VASSAL. (Or perhaps I misunderstood one of the messages I got when I installed it.)



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