VASL Information Templates

VASL Information Templates

Have you ever wanted a consistent information panel for all your VASL games, but didn’t want to take the time to create one or set one up every time you played? I’ve got you covered! Not only do these information panels make your game look spiffy, they also provide all basic scenario information including: scenario #, name, date, location, players, nationalities, SAN/ELR, victory conditions, blocks for information counters (phase wheel, weather conditions, no quarter), as well as a turn track table.

VASL Scenario with Template Example
VASL Scenario with Vertical Template in Use

Now in a matter of minutes you can transfer all the info from you scenario card into this template and start playing.

There are VASL information templates, one horizontal and one vertical, that can be pasted into any VASL label element to display all scenario information. See the bottom of the page for images of the stock templates.

Note: Basic understanding of HTML/CSS is require to edit these templates to fill in scenario information, but can be accomplished using any basic text editor.

Note 2: Unfortunately Google font embedding does not work in VASL, so one of the fonts used, Russo One, will not display properly unless you download it to your computer. Get it here.

  Download the .zip file containing both templates, here.

Here are the steps to use them:

    1. Open in a basic text editor like Notepad.
    2. Edit the scenario information block (scenario number, name, date, location).
    3. Edit the nationality logo name in the table by modifying the <td class=”nationalitylogo”> elements.
      1. td.nationality = nationality color definition (ex. td.british sets British nationality color).
      2. td.nationalitylogo = nationality logo definition (ex. td.britishlogo sets British nationality logo).
    4. Edit nationality color information (nationality, player name, ELR #, SAN #) in the table by modifying the <td class=”nationality”> elements.
    5. Edit player information (nationality, player name, ELR #, SAN #) in the table element.
    6. Edit the victory conditions.
    7. Delete turns not needed in the scenario (optional).
    8. Save the .txt file.
    9. In VASL create any Label element from Draggable Overlays area (or hit alt-o).
    10. Drag the Label overlay to your VASL play area.
    11. Right click on the Label, pick Line 2, delete the text.
    12. Right click on the Label again, pick Label from the menu.
    13. Then past the HTML code from the template you are using into the field.
    14. Hit OK.
    15. Your template should be displayed.
    16. Use shift-left-click to select it and move it around.
    17. Populate it with phase wheel and information counters.
    18. Enjoy!

All images are hosted on the server, and are pulled from there.

If you are experienced with HTML/CSS feel free to modify the templates to fit your needs beyond the basics.


VASL Horizontal Template
VASL Horizontal Template


VASL Vertical Template
VASL Vertical Template

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