VASL Tutorial Videos

VASL 201 Videos

VASL 201 is meant for players already experienced with using Virtual Advanced Squad Leader (VASL). These lessons primarily show you how to customize your VASL setup and/or how to enhance your particular scenario setup. If you have no experience with VASL please see the VASL101 section of the site.

VASL 201 - Lesson 17 - Dice Stats Analysis!
That's right, in the upcoming version of VASL Templates you can now analyze your dice rolls to your heart's content! Provided you record log files (.vlog). See Lesson 14 to learn how to do that. ...
VASL 201 - Lesson 18 - VASL Info Table Generator
VASL advanced lesson 18. Learn how to use our tool to create a tidy scenario table for your VASL setups. No html, CSS, or programming knowledge needed! Just fill in the form and click the button to ...
VASL 201 - Lesson 19 - Customizing the QC Bar
A long since the last VASL lesson. This time I show how to customize the QC (quick counter?) Bar with all the counters you'd need, or create different bar configurations for different scenarios ...
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