Virtual Advanced Squad Leader (VASL) Lesson.

VASL 201 videos are meant to be advanced topics on how to configure and use the VASL module to play Advanced Squad Leader online. If you are unfamiliar with VASL I recommend starting with the VASL 101 series.

VASL 201 – Lesson 19 – Customizing the QC Bar: A long since the last VASL lesson. This time I show how to customize the QC (quick counter?) Bar with all the counters you’d need, or create different bar configurations for different scenarios (infantry only, lots of vehicles, PTO, DTO, etc).

1) Java –

2) The Vassal Engine –

3) The VASL module –


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Neal Ulen
Neal is a retired engineer/researcher who first played Squad Leader back in the late '70s. While getting re-acquainted with ASL after retiring, he took it as an opportunity to create VASL, Boot Camp, and AAR tutorials to help new and returning players. He lurks in the PWN.


  1. Is there a way to configure the order of the dice on the side of the map? It drives me crazy that the order is different than in the menu window. I am sure it is simple once you are in the right screen, but I don’t know where that is.



    • Hi Chuck. I’ve never seen this happen. The order of the dice displayed in the information window is the same as shown in the dice over map when I make rolls. Unless you’re referring to something else (?).



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