OPERATION: Skirmish in the Snow, south of Stalingrad, 30 Nov 1942. This scenario is from MMP’s ‘Out of the Attic’ pack. The Russians are pressing forward when Sgt. Albert Pfluger is set upon by three T34s bearing down on his men’s position and his assigned 75mm gun. To top it off his men are suffering from an ammunition shortage … the cold day just became a bit more frigid! Watch the Germans lie in wait as the Russian onslaught approaches their positions!!!

This video contains a lot of tactical and rule discussions that can be applied in real (albeit solo) game situations.

Let me know what you think of the scenario overall. Did you like the VC, Map, gameplay etc? Thanks!


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Stephen 'Stew' Stewart
Stew is the long time creator behind "VASLing with Stew" and organizer of "Tactical Tuesdays" which acts as an online interactive forum for new (and old) ASL players to discuss rules and tactics.


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