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Tag: SK Expansion Pack

ASL AAR: Makin Mayhem (S95)

ASL AAR: Makin' Mayhem (Scenario Playtest)
It was D-Day +1 on Guadalcanal in the Solomons, and half-way across the Pacific two submarines, the Nautilus and Argonaut, departed Pearl Harbor carrying U.S. Marine Corp Raiders.

Advanced Squad Leader AAR – Enter the Young (S51)

Advanced Squad Leader AAR - Enter the Young (S51)
Advanced Squad Leader AAR: Enter the Young (S51) Here’s the historical situation: Attacker: Germans - 293rd Volksgrenadier Regiment, 18th Volksgrenadier Division Defender: Americans - 423rd Infantry Regiment/Company B, 81st Engineer Battalion The opening hours of the Ardennes offensive found forward U.S. infantry outposts probed and infiltrated by their German counterparts. River crossings and key road networks had to be seized to allow the...