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ASL The Steelworks Unpacking

Lone Canuck Publishing’s The Steelworks Unpacking

Unwrapping Video by: Neal Ulen Advanced Squad Leader – LCP’s The Steelworks Unpacking George Kelln over at Lone Canuck Publishing has just dropped another “Tactical Scenario Pack” titled The Steelworks. This time we’re near Caen, France approximately a month after the allied invasion of Normandy of June, 1944. Here are some details directly from George’s […]

Breaking Heartstrings ASL Campaign Game

Breaking Heartstrings ASL Campaign Game

Breaking Heartstrings is Lone Canuck Publishing’s Advanced Squad Leader PTO tactical mission that never saw a release as an official module. Instead George Kelln offered it up for free as part of his “ASL for Fun” series. Every part of it is downloadable, including a full VASL map. In my case I managed to snag […]

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