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A Review Of The Scenarios Of Hakkaa Päälle!

A Review Of The Scenarios Of Hakkaa Päälle!

Hakkaa Päälle! adds quite a facelift to the Finnish, by providing new squad types, new SWs, and of course guns and AFVs. There are also a number of early war and rare Russian AFVs, Aerosans, and some new rules for such things as Light Woods, Prepared Fire Zones, Russian Early War Doctrine, as well as updates to the Finnish to bring them more in line with historical accuracy.

Stew's Replays: Fighting Withdrawal (1)

Stew’s Replays: Fighting Withdrawal (1)

AAR by: Stephen Stewart Stew’s Replays: Fighting Withdrawal (1) Here’s the historical situation: Date: September 2, 1941 Location: Sestroretsk Road, Terijoki, Finland Attacker: Finnish (Elements of 1st Parachute Regiment) Defender: Russian (Remnants of 131st Border Battalion) The Finns, seeking restitution for the Winter War of 1939, had erupted across the borders and breached the Soviet […]

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