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ASL AAR: Adolf’s Amateurs (BoF5)

ASL AAR: Adolf's Amateurs (BoF5)
On 1 July, Nord was to make a frontal attack on the Soviet positions in front of Salla. Fires and smoke hampered the German advanced through the forests.

Hakkaa Päälle! Unboxing

Hakkaa Päälle! Unboxing
Hakkaa Päälle! provides the ASL player with the complete order of battle for the Finns, including every major vehicle, gun, and squad type that saw combat during World War II.

ASL AAR: 11th Company Counterattack (170)

ASL AAR: 11th Company Counterattack (170)
After losing the important city of Viipuri to the Soviets, the Finns withdrew to the next natural defense barrier, the Kivisilta Strait. A small Soviet force crossed at the narrowest part of the strait and formed a bridgehead, and Finnish GHQ ordered a counterattack to clear it.

Stew’s Replays: Fighting Withdrawal (1)

Stew's Replays: Fighting Withdrawal (1)
Stew's Replays: Fighting Withdrawal (1) Here's the historical situation: Date: September 2, 1941 Location: Sestroretsk Road, Terijoki, Finland Attacker: Finnish (Elements of 1st Parachute Regiment) Defender: Russian (Remnants of 131st Border Battalion) The Finns, seeking restitution for the Winter War of 1939, had erupted across the borders and breached the Soviet Karelian front even as the crisis to the south of Leningrad came. In a...