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ASL AAR: Cat’s Kill (G21)

ASL AAR: Cat's Kill (G21)
The date is June 8, just after D-Day. The Canadians occupy a town of mostly stone buildings, spread across one and a half of two boards (10 and 20). The map represents the town of Bretteville L’Orguilleuse outside of Caen.

ASL AAR: Mike Red (A79)

ASL AAR - Mike Red (A79)
AAR by: Michael Rodgers Advanced Squad Leader AAR - Mike Red (A79). Here's the historical situation: Date: June 6, 1944 (D-Day) Location: Courseulles-sur-Mere, France (Juno Beach, Mike Red sector) Attacker: Canadian (Company B, Royal Winnipeg Rifles, and Assault Team of 6th Field Company, RCE/A Squadron, 6th Canadian Armoured Regiment) Defender: German (Infanterie Regiment 736) The port of Courseulles-sur-Mer was a German strongpoint, known to contain...

Advanced Squad Leader AAR – Point of the Sword (102)

Advanced Squad Leader AAR - Point of the Sword (102)
Advanced Squad Leader AAR - Point of the Sword (102) Here's the historical situation: Attacker: British / Canadian (Leicester's 4th Brigade Commandos / Régiment de la Chaudiere) Defender: German (Bataillon II, Panzer Division 21) The Allied landings at Normandy were quickly followed by advances into the villages that lined the coast. A detachment of the 4th Brigade Commandos pushed into the sleepy village...