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Announcement by: Neal Ulen

I‘m just posting up a reminder that accepts user submitted AARs, ASL news, tournament announcements, or other meaningful ASL content.

But, the primary purpose of the site is to create a database of player written AARs that would be a “one stop shop” for scenario replay research. That can only be done with the input of the community as a whole.

The submission process is simply done by filling out a form that allows you to attach images. The link is in the menu to the left or you can click this link:

On that page is a description of the process and how copyright is retained by the author.

The short video below also shows the process, which is simple:

    1. Enter a name to credit the AAR to.
    2. Enter an email address in case I need to contact you (will not be included in AAR page).
    3. Provide a title (typically the scenario number and name).
    4. Enter the text of your AAR.
    5. Attach images (at least 1, but no more than 5)

That’s it.



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