Stew’s Replays: Setup Analysis of Released from the East (S6)

Here’s the historical situation:

Date: December 11, 1941
Istra, Russia
Russian (9th Guards Infantry Division)
Defender: German (SS) (2nd SS Division “Das Reich”)

As the drive on Moscow slowed due to supply problems and general winter, STAVKA was given time to deploy fresh troops from other fronts. The 78th Infantry, Siberian veterans of the Mongolian frontier, were transferred 6000 miles to use skillful ambushes and delaying tactics to slow the panzer’s march on Moscow. Near the River Istra, they were finally ordered to halt and fight. The snow-covered fields and the medieval town of Istra itself would become a battlefield for several weeks. On 26th November, the 78th was renamed the “9th Guards Infantry”, but needed no special titles to display élan or heroism. Squeezing out of the pincers formed by 10th Panzer Division and 2nd SS “Das Reich”, the “marvelous Siberians” would regroup and launch a counterattack to retake the historic town.

Released from the East is probably my favorite scenario that’s included in ASL Starter Kit #1. In this replay episode I don’t so much play through an entire scenario, but go over some important offensive and defensive considerations when setting up as the Germans. I also cover victory conditions, comparison of the orders of battle, a review of the special scenario rules (ssrs), and some other considerations.

Join in for a short Review of Pre GAME Setup analysis of your Favorite ASL Product!

Tabletop Simulator is used in this episode.


GET TO THE CHOPPA…!!! Get To The Choppa...!!!

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