Stew’s Replay – Per L’Onore Di Roma (For the Honor of Rome) (Q6)

Per L’Onore Di Roma is an early war Italian versus Russian village slugfest.

Here’s the historical situation:

With the Russians in full retreat, the 9 Divisione Fanteria “Pasubio” was ordered to advance to the Bug River and cut off the retreating Russians. The leading battalions of the 80° Fanteria “Roma” arrived at a village and found the Russians setting up a blocking position. The Reggimento Commandant, Colonnello Epifanio Chiaramonti, ordered an immediate attack, hoping to catch the Russians before they had a chance to fortify the village. Per l’Onore di Roma (For the Honor of Rome), 3a Compagnia under command of Lieutenant Mori assaulted the village, forcing the Russians back, while Lieutenant Carbonari’s 2a Compagnia outflanked the Russians, managing to not only prevent them from retreating, but also stopping reinforcements from getting into the village. After several more hours of hard fighting, the village fell to the Italians shortly before 20.00 hours.

NOT wanting to get surrounded by Italians, I decided a balls to the wall approach. The Italians have the typically soft unbroken morale of  6 and a broken morale of 5. My goal was to break (and keep under DM) as many as possible in turn one as they entered the board. With limited fallback positions to rout to (rally terrain) an early bloody nose was the best tactic.

Punch them in the face and withdraw if it gets hot, then meet the Italians on the south map on turn 3. Fortunately it worked for me.

With a more cautious approach, and letting the Italians get on the board, it could have gone differently for the Russians.

You can download the VASL vlog file Here.

GET TO THE CHOPPA…!!! Get To The Choppa...!!!

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