Stew’s Replays: Defiance on Hill 30 (11)

Here’s the historical situation:

Date: June 6, 1944
Location: Near Pont l’Abbe, France
Attacker: German (1057th Grenadier Regiment)
Defender: American (2nd Battalion, 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment)

An ad hoc group of roughly two parachute companies under Lt. Colonel Shanley were stopped cold on their drive toward the bridge at Pont L’Abbe. They fell back to high ground overlooking the Chef-Du-Pont crossing. The key element of the position was a standing patrol in a farm and road junction, blocking the road from the west to the bridge. At dawn on June 8th, the Germans made their most determined effort to take it. . . For two days, Shanley and his men fought off repeated German attempts to overrun the main paratrooper landings and contributed substantially to establishing the Merderet bridgehead. This action has been considered decisive in helping the airborne meet its objectives at Normandy.

This episode is a replay of the classic scenario Defiance on Hill 30 which originally appeared in the mini-module Paratrooper and was later integrated into the Yanks reprint.

The replay starts with a historical overview of the scenarion, then the action heats up as the game kicks in.

I apologize for the blur that shows up later in the video.

GET TO THE CHOPPA…!!! Get To The Choppa...!!!

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  1. Always great information Stew!
    Didn’t see anything on the scenario card (latest YANKS v3a) in reference to bore sighting.

  2. Bore Sighting is allowed during setup for a, “scenario defender,” by way of Rule C6.42.
    A huge lesson to learn from this AAR. Thanks Stew!



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