Third party publisher Advancing Fire has just put their Kursk ASL module, PROKHOROVKA!, up for pre-order. We will have an unboxing video as soon as it is available (probably January, 2022).

Here’s the pre-order link.

If ASL armor battles are in your wheelhouse, then PROKHOROVKA! is probably the module you’ve been looking for, portraying the largest armor clashes in modern warfare history. The module features many maps (see below) laying out the historical plains surrounding the small town of Prokhorovka just south of Kursk. The maps were re-created for ASL using aerial reconnaissance photos.

Here’s the official Advancing Fire blurb …

PROKOROVKA! depicts the main actions around Oktyabrskii State Farm and Hill 252.2 (the so called “Tank Fields”) southwest of the town of Prokhorovka, during the battle of Kursk, July 10-12, 1943. Primary unit involved were the German II. SS-PzKorps and the Russian 5th Guards Tank Army.


PROKHOROVKA! includes the following:

    • One box
    • 13 action packed scenarios (2 compatible with SK rules), including 1 campaign game (CG) covering the counterattack battle southwest of Prokhorovka.
    • Four full counter sheets with 384 full color, die cut 5/8″ ASL counters and 560 full color die cut 1/2″ ASL counters
    • Five 37.4” x 22.8” HASL map sheets which, combined in one 37.4” x 114.0” (almost 10 feet!) map sheet, represent the historical layout of the “Tank Fields” of Prokhorovka.
    • One 36.8” x 22.0” HASL map sheet which represents the historical layout of the Andreevka and Vasilyevka villages.
    • One 24.4” x 15.7” HASL map sheet which represents the historical layout of the Storozhevoje village.
    • One 30.7” x 23.6” HASL map sheet which represents the historical layout of the area around the Stalinskii State Farm.
    • Rules pages describing PRK Scenario Special Rules (SSR), map terrain and campaign game rules.

Ownership of the following Hasbro/MMP ASL products are required to play all of the included scenarios: Beyond Valor®, ASL Starter Kit®#3 (only for SK scenarios)


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  1. Looks like a nice product with about a couple hundred T-34s? Tremendous amount of maps, and nice to get some cool counters! Can’t wait to see this one on a table, and thanks for all your efforts!

    Regards, Paul

  2. What an amazing map! But you will need a pool-table to spread it all out on! But to have such an epic battle replicated in a historically-accurate setting with that map and the provided counters adding to the arsenal that most of us have, it will be even more intense than Red Barricades or Valor of the Guards. This looks absolutely awesome, and when I first saw the unboxing of it I was already drooling more than a St Bernard.



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