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ASL-Players.net is a site dedicated to promoting the classic World War 2 historical wargame Advanced Squad Leader (ASL). Here you’ll find videos and articles covering history, AARs, product overviews, and rule tutorials to assist ASL players of all experience levels. ASL still has an active player community 45 years after the release of the original Squad Leader. And be sure to check out our Custom VASL Table Creator! Join us!

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ASL Boot Camp #30: Vehicular Movement

This ASL Boot Camp covers the basics of vehicular movement, with the second half focusing on the sometimes confusing concepts of vehicle movement states: Stopped, Non-Stopped, and Motion.

ASL Starter Kit Expansion Pack #3 Unboxing

Unboxing of the new ASL Starter Kit Expansion Pack #3, including 2 mapboards, 1 sheet of counters, 8 scenarios, armor/ordnance listing, and 1 QRDC.