Operation Neptune gives insight into the British Army assault of the River Seine at Vernon, France in late August, 1944. This pack provides players the opportunity to see how they would fare in a forced river crossing and clearing operation in both scenario and CG form.

Operation Neptune Unboxing

Operation Neptune Unboxing


Operation Neptune contains:

  • 10 action packed scenarios in full-color print covering actions, plus a Campaign Game
  • One 25″x 25″ HASL map sheet representing the historical situation around Vernon, France in late August, 1944
  • 90 full color, die cut 1/2″ counters
  • 32 full color, die cut 5/8″ counters
  • Rules pages describing map terrain and campaign game rules
  • A divider card for quick reference of HBRs during scenario and CG play

You can order Operation Neptune here.


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  1. I like the size of the included scenarios. Some are really small in scope, others are med size.

    Looking forward to this one in your replays!

  2. Remember that that $60 price is inclusive of shipping. If you take the cost of standard priority shipping rates off (which knocks about $10 off of today’s rates) we could have charged $50+shipping. So I guess it’s a matter of perception, but we aren’t far off from where you were thinking the price point should be.

  3. Your copy appears to be missing pages. In the YouTube unboxing video the last page shown (BFP 18) is clearly not the last page as it ends mid-sentence and is only on rule 4.323 when the RePh rules go up to 4.326. You might want to contact BFP for the missing pages!



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