Operation Martlet: Objective Barracuda Unboxing

Operation Martlet: Objective Barracuda Unboxing

Unboxing Video by: Neal Ulen

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June 1944: On the right flank of Operation EPSOM, the British set up Operation MARTLET. This operation was necessary because EPSOM was vulnerable to German counterattack from the high ground in the Rauray area. It was essential for the Allies to seize several key points prior to the launching of EPSOM. These key points were the villages of Rauray, Fontenay-le-Pesnel, Tessel, Brettevillette, and Juvigny.

Operation Martlet Unboxing

Operation Martlet Unboxing

Objective: BARRACUDA offers two ways of experiencing the battle. Players can sample a portion of the fighting by playing one of eight standalone scenarios. Scenarios FLP1 – FLP8 also serve to familiarize players with the battlefield and the opposing forces. Players who enjoy a strategic aspect are encouraged to experience the entire battle by playing the Tactical Mission (TM). The TM is comprised of five inter-connected scenarios and  lends itself well to team play.

Operation Martlet Unboxing

Operation Martlet: Objective Barracuda is not a complete game; ownership of the Advanced Squad Leader game system, Beyond Valor, and For King and Country is required to play the scenarios herein.

Operation Martlet: Objective Barracuda contains:

  • one 35″ x 24″ map with one inch hexes
  • one countersheet
  • Chapter Obj: Barracuda rules
  • eight ASL scenarios
  • one Campaign Game (Tactical Mission)

You can order Operation Martlet: Objective Barracuda here.


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