MMP’s 2024 ASL Production Forecast

Cash in your 401Ks ... and get ready!


It’s that time of year again … when the wizards behind the curtain at MMP let the drapery fall and give us a glimpse of what’s to come on the ASL front. And I must say 2024 is looking to be a bit of an enigma because nothing is slated “to be released” but everything will be going on “pre-order” status instead. So the actual ship dates are unknown. I suspect it might be a case of underpromise and over deliver, meaning some of this should ship, but they’re not promising anything.

Here’s the 2024 ASL Production Forecast (subject to change, in no particular order, etc):


  1. The Marco Polo Bridge HASL will go on pre-order (2022, 2023 carryover)
    • Designed by Ken Dunn
    • Chinese vs. Japanese, 1937
  2. Slaughter at Ponyri HASL will go on pre-order (2023 carryover)
  3. Doomed Battalions reprint pre-order (2023 carryover)
  4. Spanish Civil War “package” will go on pre-order (new)
  5. Burma Action Pack will go on pre-order (new)
  6. Drop Zone: Chef-du-Pont will go on pre-order (new, follow-on to DZ:SME)
  7. Solitaire ASL reprint will go on pre-order (new)
    • Presumably, this needs to be laid out again from the ground up
  • Note: Contested Lands HASL was removed from the list
    • 1948 Arab-Israeli War
    • Was on the 2023 pre-order list, now removed
    • Talk is this will be a “core module”
    • New boards with new terrain
    • Arab/Israeli orders of battle
    • Applicable Chapter H
    • Additional rules for nationalities/terrain
  • Note: Armies of Oblivion reprint was removed from the list


  1. The Marco Polo Bridge HASL will go on pre-order (SK version; 2022, 2023 carryover)
    • This will be a separate version from the full ASL version
    • Chinese vs. Japanese, 1937
    • Will include OBA rules (presumably directly from DAE)
    • Will include night rules, one CG date is played at night
    • Ownership of ASLSK#4 is required
  2. ASLSK magazine will go on pre-order
    • Potential Academy article included in this one. “If…Then…Elst”, a tactical perspective article about the Decision At Elst campaign game. Keep your fingers crossed!
    • Some ASLSK scenarios were submitted as well, but I’m not sure where they’ll end up.

That’s enough ASL to keep you busy for a while. As always … get your wallets ready and pre-order often!!


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  1. I predict maybe 3 (tops!) of these actually ship in 2024. Probably the Burma AP (guaranteed), the SK magasine (maybe), and Marco Polo since it’s a double dip revenue stream for both ASL and SK.

    The rest will get pushed by mmp again, and again, and again



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