MMP’s 2023 ASL Production Forecast

Cash in your 401Ks ... and get ready!


It’s that time of year again … when the wizards behind the curtain at MMP let the drapery fall and give us a glimpse of what’s to come on the ASL front. And I must say 2023 is looking to be another Bank Bustertm!

Here’s the 2023 ASL Production Forecast (subject to change, in no particular order, etc):


  1. Winter Offensive Bonus Pack #14 released
  2. Drop Zone: Sainte Mère Église HASL released
  3. The Marco Polo Bridge HASL will go on pre-order (2022 carryover)
    • Designed by Ken Dunn
    • Chinese vs. Japanese, 1937
  4. ASL Journal #14 released
    • The entire Journal will have an ANZAC theme
    • Includes a mini-historical (?)
  5. Contested Lands HASL will go on pre-order (1948 Arab-Israeli War)
    • Talk is this will be a “core module”
    • New boards with new terrain
    • Arab/Israeli orders of battle
    • Applicable Chapter H
    • Additional rules for nationalities/terrain
  6. Ponyri Station themed HASL will go on pre-order (title unknown?)
  7. Twilight of the Reich “themed” boxed module will go on pre-order
    • Designed by Bill Cirillo and Sean Deller 
    • Late war urban righting in Berlin, Czechoslovakia, Budapest etc
    • Think Action Pack on steroids, but not HASL
    • Will include the German SS OB (non-black counters)
    • New Boards 16a/b, 17a/b, 18a/b, 19a/b (?)
    • New scenarios (all urban action)
    • Large railroad overlays
    • Large graveyard overlays
  8. Armies of Oblivion reprint
  9. Doomed Battalions reprint
  10. Solitaire ASL reprint being “worked on”
    • Presumably, this needs to be laid out again from the ground up


  1. The Marco Polo Bridge HASL will go on pre-order (SK version)
    • This will be a separate version from the full ASL version
    • Chinese vs. Japanese, 1937
    • Will include OBA rules (presumably directly from DAE)
    • Will include night rules, one CG date is played at night
    • Ownership of ASLSK#4 is required
  2. ASLSK Expansion Pack 3 released
  3. ASLSK Journal should be released
    • Potential Academy article included in this one. “If…Then…Elst”, a tactical perspective article about the Decision At Elst campaign game. Keep your fingers crossed!
    • Two (maybe three) ASLSK scenarios were submitted as well

That’s enough ASL to keep you busy for a while. As always … get your wallets ready and pre-order often!!


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    • I’ve not seen any updates on those things that were supposed to go on pre-order. And considering there’s only about a month left in 2023, I wouldn’t hold my breath. Also, pre-order means it might be 6-12 months before it’s even printed anyway. So best case is we might see 1 or 2 of these pre-order items in late 2024. 😟



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