Curt Schilling, of Multi-Man Publishing, hosted another roundtable discussion with members of the ASL community. If you missed it here it is. Topics included: various product updates with current pre-order or release dates, and a long routing example with a lot of discussion that proves becoming an expert on the subject is a long journey because even long-time ASL players often debate the nuances of the rout rules!

Watch the video and check out the summary below for all the details.

Big thanks to Curt & MMP for allowing us to share this!

Here’s a longer summary of the discussion contained in the video:

  • Product Updates*:
    • MMP currently works with a ~24-month forward-looking ASL production schedule, and before a project moves into the pipeline MMP resources and playtester must be available. Near the end of project development, it enters “Final Stage” when the submission is handed over to Chas Argent. This means playtest and layout are done and all that remains is proofing. It also means the project is ~60 days away from preorder.
    • Slaughter at Ponyri is in the Final Stage, and preorder is expected to kick off in July
    • ASL Journal 15 – will be released in August (no preorder)
    • Chef-du-Pont HASL – expected to be on pre-order in August
    • Marco Polo Bridge Incident – both the full ASL and SK versions are expected for a July/August pre-order window
    • Karkhov in Flames – is in heavy playtest, the goal is to have it ready for preorder by ASLOK (October, natch)
    • Spanish Civil War core module – preorder end of year
    • Basic Training Magazine (SK magazine) – preorder end of year
    • Red Barricades SK HASL – preorder end of year
  • Curt shared some examples of routing, see the video. There was a lot of debate about edge cases rout examples and rule interpretation/wording. Have no fear routing neophytes, we all struggle with routing sometimes!
    • More clarification (by Jim Bishop) concerning one of the rout situations is given at this link.
  • For more information on other ASL products in the pipeline, click here.

*Title of listed products are preliminary and only reflect titles provided in previous updates. We probably won’t know the final title of any product until we see it on pre-order with final box artwork.

And as always … Thanks for the support!!

GET TO THE CHOPPA…!!! Get To The Choppa...!!!

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  1. The last item is not an actual SK HASL at the moment. It’s a SK translation onto and into the RB/VOTG/RF map(s). It’s early but definitely in the works



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