If you missed it here it is. MMP held its first roundtable discussion hosted by one of the Ms in Multi-Man Publishing … Curt Schilling. Topics include: the upcoming ASL product schedule, HASL design discussion, and some “behind the curtain” info on how MMP works, as well as a bunch of Q&A from the peanut gallery.

Big thanks to Curt & MMP for allowing us to share this!

Here’s a summary of the ASL product portion of the discussion:

= New info

  • Ponyri Station HASL (Slaughter at Ponyri?), almost done, playtest done, final edits being done, Pete Shelling design
  • Karkov in Flames HASL, hopefully will see pre-order this year, scale similar to Hatten in Flames (smaller HASL), Andy Rogers design
  • Marco Polo Bridge Incident (? unsure of exact title) playtest done, will ship as separate versions for both ASL and Starter Kit, Ken Dunn design
  • Chef-du-Pont HASL (follow on to Sainte-Mère-Église) in final playtesting
  • Spanish Civil War core module, BIG! Playtest done, final editing happening, preorder this year
  • Journal 15 this year
  • Operations magazine with have a HASL map and “several” scenarios, featuring the fight to relieve the Korsun Pocket (Russia v Germany, Jan/Feb 1944). More scenarios on this map might be published later
  • Polish Eagles (? unsure of final title) being worked on, Ken Dunn design
  • SK Magazine layout pretty much done and is in proofing – “Basic Training” is its official name
  • Twilight of the Reich themed magazine
  • Rotterdam HASL (Dawn of Eagles?) being worked on
  • Starter Kit Stalingrad! Will use SK ruleset (presumably with some extra rules) on existing MMP Stalingrad map(s) (this one was a surprise)
  • HASL e-rulebook, some of the older HASL rulesets will be sold as a PDF bundle so they can be played on VASL by those who couldn’t (or didn’t) buy the originals back in the day. Presumably that means anything appearing in this “HASL e-rulebook” will never be reprinted, but I could be wrong…
  • Concerning the ASL rulebook: MMP will republish the binder version of the RB without the binder and will always be in synch with the e-rulebook. Whenever the e-rulebook is updated, self update high-resolution versions of the binder rules will be available to be printed and inserted into your binder.
  • The Fox and the Rats, working title (?), DTO, battle for Alam el Halfa (????), not a lot of info on this one, probably WAY out on the timeline
  • White Death – Finland: Not much is known except it’s a Ken Dunn HASL design and is slated for both ASL and ASLSK versions.
  • Contested Lands (last title mentioned) core module was removed from the production schedule due to current situations happening in the Middle East. The module is basically done, and will be added back to the schedule when the time is right.

Title of listed products are preliminary and only reflect titles provided in previous updates. We probably won’t know the final title of any product until we see it on pre-order with final box artwork.

And as always … Thanks for the support!!

GET TO THE CHOPPA…!!! Get To The Choppa...!!!

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  1. Operations mag will contain a “HASL Map” with a few scenarios to be played on that map. Features the fight to relieve the Korsun Pocket. Will likely get more content in the coming years.
    The first 8 products listed we plan on having, at a minimum, on Pre-Order this calendar year.

  2. Thanks Curt and Neal, great discussion and information. There is alot in the pipeline, so we will be happy and content with what is coming up. I look forward to the next Roundtable Discussion…and as Neal closes with, Roll Low. 🙂

  3. ” Contested Lands core module was removed from the production schedule due to current situations happening in the Middle East. ” -> This explanation is bogus : not the same place, not the same time, not the same people, not the same leaders, etc…

    ” Karkov in Flames HASL, hopefully will see pre-order this year ” -> It seems MMP/HASBRO guys are not aware of what happens in Ukraine. Compared to the previous statement, it is either a very bad joke or pure cynicism.

    • You’ll have to watch the video for the detailed explanation. But here’s the tl;dr summary: “Hasbro said so.”

      Sounds like it was out of MMP’s hands.

    • But we live in a woke world, where everything offends everybody. Big corporations are terrified of the wrong ‘message’. So your opinion is your opinion, nothing more. No lies in those statements btw, simple facts. You don’t like them that’s on you.

      • <>
        I agree : big but weak.
        I hope this module is postponed only because it is an interesting topic and I have learnt a lot of things in participating to its design (at a small scale).

    • I was initially a bit surprised that Hasbro would care enough to kill it, or even that Hasbro was involved at all, but if you think about it for 30 seconds it makes sense. This what they call a “brand safety” issue. It would not take much to go wrong for this to cause a lot of problems for them. A publisher like GMT would’t care, but Hasbro makes kids’ games.

      Honestly, after some of MMPs recent historical modules have been surprisingly flat-out bad, I think I’m glad they put a pause on this until we can figure out if MMP can still handle this stuff sensitively. All of The Forgotten War, Twilight of the Reich, and Drop Zone: Sainte-Mere-Eglise had some very serious problems that would make me fairly nervous about them trying to tackle something like this currently.

  4. During the video Curt mentions that secondary companies which produce ASL products are hurting MMP. So why not ask Hasbro to bring them in an unite the resources and productions in order to create a loss coalition?

    • The situation with the third party publishers is tough. They’ve created all their own assets, they’re doing nothing wrong legally or morally, and they are absolutely helping with keeping the ASL community vibrant. It sounds like the problem is that Hasbro is kind of gouging MMP on licensing fees. I think the mistake MMP made was not to take the opportunity to totally remaster the core modules when they re-did them, Taylor Swift style, to get out from under this or at least to give them some leverage. They could very easily change their branding away from Hasbro and ASL and none of their customers would care, there is no real reason they should be paying these fees at all for a game designed in the early 80s. They’d probably still have to license the rulebook, but that seems more manageable.

      • Answering your points in order.
        1) No they haven’t, many just copy and paste and most especially the maps. It’s changed, but not that much.
        2) It’s both wrong morally, and legally.
        3) That’s what the law demands when you use an IP owned by someone else.
        4) Remaster? Not how it works. We have parameters we work under since we are LICENSING the IP.
        5) Change branding? That makes no sense.
        6) Ya, there is, the reason? Laws.
        7) The license to ASL is not a buffet, no picking and choosing.



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