Ozerekya Breakout (LCP)

The winds of change were in the air for German Fascism and its allies. Having reached its furthest limits of conquest in the fall of 1942, the onrush of the southern German armies had been stopped on the Volga, at Stalingrad, along the crest of the Caucasus Mountains, and on the Black Sea coast on the outskirts of Novorossiysk. Through the fall of 1942, the Germans had launched attack after attack but had been stopped in bitter fighting among the ruins of Stalingrad, in the mountain passes and river valleys of the Caucasus, and at the Oktyabr Cement Works on the Black Sea. Then, as the Winter came on, they trapped the Sixth Army at Stalingrad, scattered Germany’s Romanian, Italian, and Hungarian Armies, and threatened to cut off Army Group A in the Kuban region. By February 1943, the Sixth Army was finished, the First Panzer Army was withdrawing through the Rostov Gap, hotly pursued, and the 17th Army of General Ruoff was falling back into the Taman peninsula.

Wednesday Night ASL … hammered in 2.5 hours. Vines of Red Marines is scenario 1 (OzB1) from Ozerekya Breakout by Lone Canuck Publishing.

Go check out their stuff here: Ozerekya Breakout

OzB 1 Vines of Red Marines: In the early morning hours, Soviet seaborne forces landed on the peninsula along the west side of the Ozerekya Bay. These forces were led by tank spearheads and quickly advanced towards Glebovka, where they came across a Romanian Mortar position set up in the vineyard of an old manor.


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