Here’s MMP’s official blurb on Hollow Legions:

This updated version of Hollow Legions includes the complete contents of the original (the entire Italian order of battle and Italian Chapter H—now updated, two desert boards, and eight scenarios), plus all the scenarios, boards, rules, and Desert parts from the now-superseded West of Alamein, plus Soldiers of the Negus, and 29 out-of-print scenarios.

Additionally, Hollow Legions now includes the rules and scenarios from Soldiers of the Negus, originally published by our friends at ELR that expands the Italian theater to East Africa and the Second Italo-Ethiopian War of 1935-36. This was Mussolini’s war of aggression to conquer Ethiopia (Abyssinia) from Emperor Haile Selassie’s largely tribal armies and is widely seen as a precursor to WWII. A full complement of counters for both Ethiopian and Eritrean (allied with Italy) forces is included.

Hollow Legions Pre-Order

Hollow Legions is not a complete game; ownership of the Advanced Squad Leader game system is required to play the scenarios herein.

Hollow Legions contains:

  • one box & lid
  • ASL Rules Chapter F, revised
  • Italian Chapter H, revised
  • Chapter A rules pages (updated for Soldiers of the Negus)
  • one chapter divider
  • five countersheets
  • eight 8″ x 22″ geomorphic maps (25-31, 25e [formerly overlay E1])
  • desert overlays (D1-D6; H1-H6; S1-S8; SD1-SD8; W1-W4; X1-X5)
  • 53 scenarios:

Scenario List:

Blazin’ Chariots Camp Nibeiwa Agony at Arnautovo
Rachi Ridge “They’re Here! Reverse!” Tridentina Avanti!
Khamsin Men of the Mountains The Last Day of the Cuneense
Escape from Derna Nocturnal Attrition Gift of Time
Turning the Tables Cutting Out a Strongpoint Crisis at Kasserine
Fort McGregor Savoia! Recon in Force
A Bridgehead Too Wet Rommel’s Remedy Flea Circus
Point of No Return Egypt’s Last Hope All Roads Lead to Rome
The Taking of Takrouna A Line in the Sand The Hunters Become the Hunted
Too Little, Too Late The ART of Dying Our Place in the Sun
A High Price to Pay Twisted Knickers Criniti’s Escape
Bridge to Nowhere Castello Fatato The Golden Mountain
Retribution The Valley of Death The Bitwoded Gamble
Half A Chance Village of the Damned Circle the Wagons!
The Battle for Rome Winter of Their Discontent Keber Zabania
Ci Arrendiamo Victory is Life The Wells of Borgut
Across the Wire Red Don Last Hope at New Flower
Showdown at Tug Argan Pass Ghost Riders

Red= Soldiers of the Negus scenario.

You can order Hollow Legions here.


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