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Landing Craft A type of amphibious craft that allows for Beach Landings and Seaborne Assaults. (G12)Glossary Link


Light Anti-Tank Weapon A Support Weapon that can be used to destroy or damage vehicles. ATMM, ATR, BAZ, MOL-Projector, PIAT, PF/PFk, PSK. (C13)Glossary Link


Killed In Action A combat result where the unit is destroyed and removed from play. (A7.301)Glossary Link


Kindling Number The DR required for a Flame to be created in a terrain location. (B25.11)Glossary Link


Illuminating Round A method by which hexes can be illuminated during night or low visibility scenarios. (C8.7)Glossary Link


Inherent Portage Capacity A measure of a unit’s capability to carry support weapons. Squads have an portage capacity of 3, and single man counter (leaders) have a portage capacity of 1. Vehicles also have portage capacity. (A4.42)Glossary Link


Incremental Infantry Fire Table An optional combat table used to resolve attacks again infantry targets. This table adds many more firepower columns that reside between the columns on the official Infantry Fire Table. Use of this table has been a heated debate among player for decades. (A7.37)Glossary Link


Infantry Fire Table The combat table used to resolve attacks again infantry targets. The most utilized chart in the ASL system.(A7)Glossary Link


Hand-to-Hand Some close combat is in such close proximity that it’s termed hand-to-hand close combat. This type of combat is limited to certain nationalities (Japanese) or units (Gurkhas). It’s much easier to get a kill in hand-to-hand close combat.Glossary Link


Heavy Tank An armored fighting vehicle that usually sacrifices mobility at the expense of superior firepower and armor.Glossary Link

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