Friday Tactical Tip #4 - Platoon Leader?!

Friday Tactical Tip #4 – Platoon Leader?!

Tactical Tip by: Neal Ulen

By name it’s called “Squad Leader” but at the core of its rules and tactics it’s actually more “platoon leader”. BURN THE HERETIC!!! 😁 In this Friday Tactical Tip I go over the historical platoon structure and formations used by the United States Army in WW2 and talk to how the system revolves around the tactics of the platoon formation because of the squad unit’s inability to create tactics and formations (tactical, firebases, rally bases, fire & maneuver, overwatch, etc) on its own. This TT ended up by longer than I expected. (Ref: FM 7-10, 18 March 1944)

Friday Tactical Tips are short ASL refreshers to show players some of the lesser used, sometimes forgotten, and often subtle rules in the Advanced Squad Leader system.

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