If you’re like me, when the action in a game is high and you’re trying to manage a bunch of different things in your head, you forget to use even the simplest of rules to save your bacon. One of those rules is Motion status attempt, which helps protect your vehicle from getting flanked and/or driven right up next to and blasted at point blank range. It exists in both full ASL (D2.401) and ASL Starter Kit (

Here I spend a few minutes going over it, why/when you should use it, and a couple things that apply to it that some people might not be aware of.

Tactical Tips are short ASL refreshers to show players some of the lesser used, sometimes forgotten, and often subtle rules in the Advanced Squad Leader system.

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    • The rules for Motion simply state that in the next MPh you don’t have to spend 1 MP to start. So a vehicle in Motion is neither moving forward or in reverse, but in the next MPh is can go either direction without starting (or stopping for that matter).

      Forward and revers are actually states of movement, and Motion is not the same as “moving” in ASL.

      Here are some popular definitions various vehicle movement states in ASL:

      -moving: A vehicle that is actually moving/changing hexes during its MPh. This state ONLY exists during the MPh.

      -non-stopped: A vehicle that is moving during its MPh and not stopped. This state ONLY exists during the MPh.

      -Motion: A vehicle that is not moving and not-stopped. This state ONLY exists outside its MPh.

      -Moving Target: A vehicle that is/has been in Motion and/or entered a new hex this Player Turn. This state exists at any time. It generally means the vehicle has done something during the turn and it impacts any shots taken against it.



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