Hello From Los Angeles

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Hello From Los Angeles

Post by Corsair »

I played the original SL back in the day in the mid 80s, just as ASL was coming out. Since I was a broke high school (and then college student), ASL was not in the cards for me at that time (I couldn't even afford GI Anvil of Victory, but a buddy got it so we played it).

I have the ASL Starter Kit #1 arriving on Wednesday as a late Christmas gift to myself, and look forward to getting a taste of ASL. If I like it enough, I'll save up my pennies and get into the full game later in 2024, hopefully.

Happy New Year everyone!

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Re: Hello From Los Angeles

Post by jalpeyrie »

Hello there.

Are you looking for an ASL gaming partner? I am, for myself based in NYC. If interest, email me at: peloponnessian@hotmail.com


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