Hello from Southwest Minnesota

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Hello from Southwest Minnesota

Post by Jason_W »

I am just getting back into the old tabletop games myself. I have lots of memories of playing Rise of the Third Reich with my buddy when we were teens, along with Panzer Blitz, Arab/Israeli War, and of course Squad Leader. I recently ordered Starter Kits #1 and #2 from eBay and await their arrival. I also have an original copy of Squad Leader and wonder if the pieces and boards will be usable with ASL.
I have found and installed vassal and am looking forward to getting back into playing.
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Re: Hello from Southwest Minnesota

Post by Neal »


Unfortunately, you can't use original SL units/counters in ASL. ASL unit counters typically have more info on them than the old SL counters. You can use the board though. Let us know how SK goes.
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Re: Hello from Southwest Minnesota

Post by jalpeyrie »

Hello there.

Are you looking for an ASL gaming partner? I am, for myself based in NYC. If interest, email me at: peloponnessian@hotmail.com


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