Hello from the Gateway City

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Hello from the Gateway City

Post by twbthird »

Happy to find an active forum for ASL. Recently retired and now have time for more gaming. Long time owner of ASL, but it's been some time since I could find time for a game.
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Re: Hello from the Gateway City

Post by Neal »

This forum is a little active. The problem with the ASL community is that it's spread all over the internet in various communities.

- FB is good for just chit-chat and pictures of clipped counters. 😂 But there are like 10 different ASL groups.
- Consimworld is an unusable relic. I have no idea how/why it's still used.
- Discord is almost too much, it has like 50 discussion channels of various things.
- Boardgamegeek has a handful of holdouts.
- Gamesquad has a large archive and is good for searching for questions or getting update from third party ASL creators.

There may be others I don't even know about. I just don't have time to frequent more than 1 or 2 of them.

I was hoping this forum would become more used as it's actually dedicated to just ASL, but it hasn't taken off yet...yet.

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Re: Hello from the Gateway City

Post by Prester John »

I usually check in on weekends.
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