Hello from Birmingham UK

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Hello from Birmingham UK

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Hi Folks Nice to be here,
I was Introduced to ASL through a friend who has played since the 1980s. I started 2017 rarely then more regular from 2021 It took me a while before I started winning some games. Most of my favourite scenarios seem to include Allied Minors and The Swedish volunteer Corps (Action Pack 15). The Latter is the only thing I have which my Veteran friend doesn't. Unless of course you count ASL starter kits which I used to learn the game so I didn't keep on losing. I like the way they condense Infantry, Tanks and Artillery. He has all the Box sets and most Action packs and I have the Starter kits 1 to 3. Never played Japanese.

My Avatar is copied from section E of Rules and a fav unit. Only played one scenario using combat aircraft which was Birds of Prey - Played some with gliders. Could anyone could give me a list of Scenarios using Dive Bombers and Fighter Bombers? As my Friend lives in Scotland its not often we get to meet so i can't check these out in his comprehensive list.
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Re: Hello from Birmingham UK

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You can try searching aslscenarioarchive.com for Air Support in the scenario but I don't know if that search is reliable.
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