Hello from Minnesota

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Hello from Minnesota

Post by Tin_Man »

Hello all...Scott here,
Due to health reasons (heart transplant), I have retired early (age 56) and have found that I am no longer able to pursue many of the more physical activities that consumed my free time. I dabbled in ASL in High School while working at a local hobby and craft store. My interest at that time seemed more focused on possessing every module/Journal/Annual, more than actually learning the finer points of this great game.
Everything I owned got destroyed in a flood in my parents basement while I was in the Army.
Now I have the wife's blessing to get back into it. I guess she feels its safer than my previous exploits.
So here I sit with pouring over the rulebook while I eagerly await Beyond Valor. I have joined a local group (TCASL) and hope to get up to speed soon.
Thanks for the great Boot Camp Videos, it really helps to get a visual on the details of ASL.
Hope to also become more fluent in VASL and maybe participate in online or PBEM play.
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Re: Hello from Minnesota

Post by jalpeyrie »

Hello sir,
good morning.

I am too an Asl player based in NYC. If interested, you and I should play some scenarios.

let me know if you are interested.

But please email me at: peloponnessian@hotmail.com

thank you

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