Hello from Alabama USA

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Hello from Alabama USA

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Hello all! I'm Todd in Birmingham, Alabama, USA.

I'm back into ASL after a long hiatus. I owned all of SL and nearly all of ASL in the mid-80s/early-90's, though only played a few times FtF. I sold everything during a lean semester of college. I got back into war gaming after my wife passed a few years ago. She and I played Terraforming Mars quite a bit.

I picked up Beyond Valor and the eRuleBook about two years ago, played it a bit and set it aside. Drop Zone - St Mere Eglise rekindled my interest (quite a bit since I now have every current core module excepting DB/AoO/FW!). I'm a solo gamer and play quite a few other war games. Over the last year mostly using VASSAL but occasionally set up a game on the table as well.

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Re: Hello from Alabama USA

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There are plenty of players looking for games on VASL if you ever get the time.
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