Norwegian reporting for duty

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Norwegian reporting for duty

Post by Eric »

Hello everybody!

I'm a Norwegian games 44 years of age. I bought ASL some twenty years ago, but haven't played the last ten years, due to starting a family and different interests with my regular playing friends.

I recently organized my library of old books and games and once again looked longingly at my ASL modules. This time I wondered if perhaps this new digital home office age had some nice solutions for playing online? Lo an behold, a few clicks later I found Neal's VASL tutorial on youtube. Now I've looked through all those episodes, installed and tested VASL, and I've refreshed the rules by watching his ASL bootcamp videos as well, and I would like to try and play some ASL.

My level is somewhat of an advanced, but seriously rusty, rookie. Before I've only ever played twice against opponents with more knowledge of the rules than myself, so I never really progressed to understanding the OBA or tank rules. In addition I would appreciate some hand holding through the other rules as well, as it has been ten years.

On the other hand, I think that the fun of playing is in the action and not in the rules-lawyering, so I don't mind my opponent making rules mistakes or just winging it if it can get the game finished.

From the forum here, it seems we have many american and ANZAC troops, which might make my own European Theater of Operations timezone (CET in Norway) somewhat tricky for online VASL games. Evenings in Norway should be afternoons in East Coast U.S., so there can be some possibilities.

- Eric

Eric Bloodaxe, the Viking squad leader
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Re: Norwegian reporting for duty

Post by Berserker »

Greetings Erik,

I just joined the format myself...I haven't played Squad Leader since High School but am trying to get back into it.......reliving my childhood it seems..
...Im from mothers whole side is Norwegian.....Bergen and Bamble by Oslo.....but we are typical Americans...

If I ever re learn the rules and figure out the vessel thing Ill be happy to kick your ass in ASL...

Best wishes from Minneapolis...

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