Hello from the UK

New members, introduce yourself here.
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Hello from the UK

Post by Bingo23 »

Hello to everyone.

I am a complete newcomer to both Advanced Squad Leader and VASL, so a very steep learning curve awaits, however I am very keen to progress.

Starting out with Starter Kit #1 and would very much welcome making contact with someone who would be willing to mentor me along the way, using VASL in conjunction with a Facebook (Telephone/Video) Call.

A 73 year old retired Police Inspector and more or less have 'all the time in the world'.

Thank you for allowing me to join.

Mike ;)
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Re: Hello from the UK

Post by Neal »

Hi Mike, I suggest the following

Stew's joining Stew's ASLSkills Discord channel, all Starter Kit players:
https://discord.gg/rM66mM5A (invite link only works for 7 days)

The Full ASL Discord channel, all levels of ASL players:
https://discord.gg/34cdmRGN (invite link only works for 7 days)

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Re: Hello from the UK

Post by Stumpy82 »

Hello Mike! I’m a relatively new ASL player, having just moved on from Starter Kits. More than happy to help you out. Whereabouts are you based? Drop me a message through the forum and I’ll provide you with some contact details. I can also introduce you to some very helpful ASL folks here in the UK.

I’m mainly based in London and Essex.
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