Greetings from Spain

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Emilio Leon
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Greetings from Spain

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Hello! My name is Emilio (55) I´m a ASL veteran, or I like to think like that... I played from the SL times and made the trip to ASL first minute. Being out of the business many years I´m back to service since a year or so to find out I still remember how to move, AND HAVING THE SAME DOUBTS!!! Im in the same gaming club in Madrid, Spain (Club Dragón) as Angel (cheers Angel!). Im not a VASAL fan but find it a very useful learning and training tool.

So, thanks for this site , hope to enjoy the forum and all the content. Usually I prefer 3´s above 2´s ... well, maybe not always... :lol:
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Re: Greetings from Spain

Post by Neal »

I know this is late, but welcome Emilio!! 😁

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