Another newcomer from Spain

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Another newcomer from Spain

Post by jgalcec »

Good afternoon, regarding I'm at WTO time.

My name is Jose Ignacio "Nacho" Galvin and I live in a town north of Madrid.

Although ASL always caught my atention, due to different avatars of life, it hasn't been until now that I have decided to enter the ASL world and start learning this complex,but accurate tactical level game.

I started reading the rulebook, starting by chapter A. It was a mistake as I forgot every rule I read as fast as I finished reading it. Then decided to read chapter K. Despite not having Yanks, Paratrooper modules nor board number 24, I'm learning a lot and retainig more knowledge than only reading the rules.

Best regards and greetings from Madrid.
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Re: Another newcomer from Spain

Post by Neal »

Welcome Jose! The best way to learn ASL is to play ASL. It helps you retain the rules. :)

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