One More way of Maine, USA

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One More way of Maine, USA

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Hello all, from a Canadian living in central Maine, USA.

I started playing Squad Leader when I was 12, found it at a gaming store while on vacation with a friend, which was back in 1977. Grew up playing SL with my best friend. We graduated to ASL when it came out. But, similar to many others, an all too familiar thing happened - my best friend moved away :? and Squad Leader/ASL stayed on the shelf where it remains today.

A couple weeks back I stumbled onto Bolt-Action 28mm WW2 tabletop. I've played a lot of tabletop miniatures games in the distant past, love to paint miniatures, but that hobby and those games were also on a shelf collecting dust. So I began watching YouTube videos of Bolt-Action gameplay to see if I liked it. Then I began looking into other systems, including Flames of War and Forged in Battle 1:100 scale 15mm. I like much of the gameplay I found, but as an ASL grognard :twisted: , I'm wanting more of an ASL "feel" and wondered :idea: "What happened to Deluxe ASL and what scale did it use?"

Among other things, searching for these answers led me here. I haven't played in a long, long time, but this might just change that.


~ Riever
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Re: One More way of Maine, USA

Post by Neal »

Welcome! There seems to be a mini-resurgence of ASL recently. Many who left the hobby for work/family/etc are starting to wander back now that they have time. There are a lot of tactical systems out there, many of them very good, but the player base is quite small. The ASL player base is still relatively large and it's easy to find opponents, especially online using VASL.

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